The Articles Of Confederation And The Us Constitution Essay

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The Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution helped shape the debate between the states, the federal government, and their citizens. The Articles of Confederation were designed primarily to divest power from the national government and protect state interests. The US Constitution set up the framework for a strong national government capable of collecting taxes and raising armies. The debate between these two documents led to compromises between the states to ensure that neither general democracy nor small state representatives held too much power but received equal participation. Representatives faced challenges of western territory disposal, slavery as population, and the problem of popular democracy. The series of compromises by the Constitutional Convention held off challenges to slavery for another eighty years and enshrined the protection of the Bill of Rights.
Under the Articles of Confederation, the federal government retained very basic ruling powers. For example, it could declare war and peace, sign treaties, and operate post offices. However, the articles forbid the government from enforcing laws or using a national court system. This led to states enacting tariffs between themselves to control interstate trade. States also printed their own money and had the power to tax. If the federal government needed troops, it had to request aid from state militias. This led to crises like Shay’s Rebellion where American farmers led a protest against tax collections…

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