Essay about The Article, Darwin 's Rib, By Robert S. Root Bernstein

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Reaction paper 1
The article, Darwin’s Rib, by Robert S. Root-Bernstein was fascinating to me. My personal reaction to the reading was one of surprise. When I read that the student in Dr. Root-Bernstein’s class believed that “males have one fewer pair of ribs than females” (Root-Bernstein 2010: 53), I was shocked. As someone who is invested in scientific information, I found her reasoning odd and unfounded. She had based her knowledge of scientific facts off a personal religious assumption. I found myself as shocked as the professor; how could a college student bring biblical knowledge into a scientific class without expecting to have her evidence for life and life’s origin, falsified? The professor describes that his “mandible dropped” (Root-Bernstein 2010: 53), which I identified with as well. My naivety about the strong religious convictions people hold when entering a scientific field, left me unprepared to deal with it in a class where I assumed religion or spirituality would not be mentioned, let alone discussed at length. Our course at UALR mirrored this situation in a way; the groups we were put in to discuss these articles had a wide range of ideologies about this information. I believed that the student’s assumption about the skeletal makeup of male and females was absurd, but there were people in my group who identified with this notion. They had to process their ideas just as the girl in the article had to, through the scientific method and evolutionary theory.…

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