The Articl Two Causes Of Divorce In The United States

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According to law, marriage is a contractual relationship between two persons; it is also intended to be a happy union between the two. Marriage fulfills the need to love and be loved, and the need to belong; therefore, the marriage vows: “for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do us apart” signifies that marriage is supposed to last a lifetime; but somewhere along the line, as a result of faults from one or both spouses, couples separate and then divorce. Divorce: a legal and formal dissolution of a marriage.
Per the U.S Census Bureau estimates, in 2014 there was a 6.8 percent rate of marriages and 3.6 percent rate of divorce per 1,000 population ("Marriage and Divorce"). These statistics are troubling to many Americans and an ongoing concern about the frequency of divorce and the breakdown of traditional two-parent families. This is even more troubling when children are involved.
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Adultery leads to one’s feeling being hurt, loss of trust, humiliation, disappointment, and anger; anger if not controlled, can lead to rage, and anyone in the state of rage can commit suicide or murder. It is imperative that couples trust, respect, and be able to rely on each other for love and support; hence any extramarital relationship on the part of one or both spouses is a recipe for divorce.
Another cause of divorce is domestic violence. This violence takes many forms, from random physical violence or battery to constant and relentless humiliation through verbal insults, to cruelty of emotional abandonment. Domestic violence may also result in over possessiveness, and restrictions on whom to see and talk to, and how to use finances. If a spouse constantly threatens to leave the other, it is also considered abuse. Often these spousal abuses also extend to the children in the

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