The Art Of Persuasion In Julius Caesar

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The art of persuasion is not merely about convincing a person with logical statements. In many instances human beings are motivated by emotion. Persuasion is a cocktail of logic and emotion. Often the logic is minimal in comparison to the emotional appeal used to lure a person into a certain conclusion. Manipulation is an art form. In order to move the audience it must be colorful and, it must provoke. Mark Antony uses all vibrant colors to create is masterpiece, to convince his audience that Caesar died for Rome.
The logic within Marc Antony’s cocktail is the base while the emotion acts as his liquor. This liquor throws the people off balance, which leads the crowd to question everything they were told by Brutus. Marc Antony repeatedly claimed
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Antony wins over the peoples sympathy through his heartbreak over the lose of his dear friend. Marc Antony weep for him to legitimize his sadness. Not only was Caesar a a loyal friend to Antony, he was also a man who cared for his people: […] he hath left you all of his walks. His private arbors and new-planted orchard, and to your heirs forever […]”. Antony persuades his crowd that Caesar was a selfless man who gave all he possessed in an effort to keep the people happy. Their happiness was what was truly important. Antony argues: How could a man of ambition also be all the wonderful things Antony says? Furthermore, why would Brutus kill someone who was a man of the people. Antony successfully rids Brutus’s “honorable” façade. Antony manipulates the crowds reasoning and paints Caesar as a martyr. Antony finesses the crowd even further; at this point the crowd has ingested a large quantity of alcohol, but he persuades them to drink even more through reverse psychology: “Good friends, sweet friends, let me not stir you up[…]” . Antony expresses that the future will be very bleak without Caesar: “Here was a Caesar! When comes such another” ( Act III

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