Essay on The Art Of New York Museums

1940 Words Nov 7th, 2016 8 Pages
In New York museums are buildings whose histories are tied into the fabric of the city. While some buildings of a different program might slide under the radar, a new museum could not be commissioned in the city without fanfare or skepticism or protest. The controversy can be credited to the fact that even in our contemporary time critics, architects, artists, and the sponsoring agents, and even the public all have different expectations on what a museum should be. It has been a challenge to break from the formula set by the neo-classical fine arts museums while still adjusting to changes in: program, what modern art is, and how it is viewed. And not just anyone is privileged enough to receive such an honor; firms commissioned to designs museums usually read like “a who’s who of architecture.” This leads to the two newest art museums built in New York City, the New Museum and the new Whitney Museum by SANAA and Renzo Piano Workshop, respectively. But before dissecting the successes and failures of these two museums and how they fit into the city’s fabric, it is imperative to talk about the history of the museum and why any deviations are slow to be accepted.
The original museums were collections of the elite, of princes and heirs who amassed treasures and displayed them in their extravagant homes (a tradition that continued well into the 20th century as some museums today were originally domestic homes that got converted.) When the museum moved into a space totally…

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