The Argument Of Defense Of Abortion Essay

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Defense of Abortion
In the article a Defense of Abortion, they convey both sides as if a fetus is a human being when conceived, or it is not a human being. Many spend time trying to figure out if the fetus is a human being, others say that a fetus isn’t when first conceived. They are many circumstances to abortion, is it right to kill a fetus if you have been raped? These are the arguments that most people argue about, to try and difference between what is immorally wrong. They say that all have a right to life, is this true during most circumstances. Rape, effects both the mother and the child’s life in so many ways. Is it her right, to decide whether to abort the fetus, or to raise the child and have to tell them why they are in the world without a father? Other circumstances, what if the mother has some kind of health issue that will potentially end her life and also the baby’s life if she doesn’t abort the baby. The author’s views are leaning toward abortion, if there are problems or tragedy’s that effect the mother. In the article, Defense of Abortion, it says, “We are convinced that abortion is directly killing the child, therefore doing nothing would not be killing the mother but letting her die. In killing the child, one would be killing an innocent person, for the child has committed no crime, and is not aiming at his mother’s death.” Most opinions are based towards this point of view, whether this is wrong or right. Is it murder if the mother aborts the child to…

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