The Argument Of Abortion Is Wrong Essay

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All Persons Have a Right to Life
The idea of abortion is always a tough subject to talk about. Some people believe it is morally right to have an abortion but some people like Judith Jarvis Thomson think it is wrong to have an abortion. Thompson does just argue that abortion is wrong, she claims that abortion can be justifiable. Judith is right in her belief that abortion is wrong because the fetus is an innocent person and killing an innocent person is always wrong. Most importantly she believes that every person has a right to life and explains why she thinks that in an article she wrote.
Judith Jarvis Thomson, a Professor of Philosophy at M.I.T is greatly known for her article. “A Defense of Abortion”. In her article she continues to argue the idea that every person has a right to life. She doesn’t just include the thought of the fetus being hurt/killed but also the idea that the mother that is carrying the child could also be hurt. One main point that Judith claims is that the fetus and mother are both equally human. “The fetus, being a person, has a right to life, but as the mother is a person too, so she has a right to life. Presumably they have an equal right to life” (474). Some people would assume that since the fetus is not born yet, the mother has more of a right to life than the fetus, but that isn’t necessarily the case.
People also need to think about possible situations, where the mother or baby could be injured. If a third party has a right to say whether…

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