The Argument Against Capital Punishment Essay

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The death penalty for many years has been a popular option for the justice system to get rid of the most heinous offenders, such as rapists and murderers. Capital punishment has also made people question the morality behind it and provoked the citizens to call its place in modern justice into question. Today, there are over 1,000 state prisoners on death row. An official for the Justice Department said that many of the inmates are exhausting their appeals and that they may soon “wittiness executions at a rate approaching more than three per week that prevailed in the 1930’s” ("Bureau of Justice," n.d.). Many of the arguments against capital punishment are, for the most part, conservative viewpoints and some that transcend ideas. Not everyone must agree to reach a decision. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, doubt should always be resolved on the side of life. Citizens and officials who are against capital punishment are viewed to be soft on crime. However, just because somebody opposes the death penalty does not mean that person is soft on crime. As once stated by Albert Camus (who is an opponent of capital punishment) “we know enough to say that this or that major criminal deserves hard labor or life. But we don’t know enough to decree that he be shorten of his future, in other words, the chance we all have of making amends” (Andre, n.d.). Despite the moral wrongness of capital punishment, many liberals and their naïve ideals about quick rehab and their support for judicial…

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