Essay on The Antonio Museum Of Art During The Last Summer

712 Words Mar 7th, 2016 3 Pages
I have been San Antonio Museum of Art during the last summer. This is my second times visit this museum. I see a lot of same artworks that I saw them when I came first time, but this time I feel I know more about the artworks now. I knew each of the artworks have different theme, subject and meaning. This is oil on canvas painting called Passing Storm over the Sierra Nevadas made by artist Albert Bierstadt during 1870. This panting’s color schemes is polychromatic. It contains different hues such as green, yellow, and blue. Those hues that used on the painting are cool. Also there are secondary colors. The panting used dark green color in the trees that behind the river, and this creates values and distance between mountain and the land. Additionally, this painting used intensity to brighter the blue color that used on the mountain let me feel that is main attraction of this place. The colors that used on the painting let me know the subject is landscape, and the theme is nature. The artist created this painting want to let the viewers to know about the Western United States. Let more people know that Western United States is a beautiful place. This is oil on canvas artwork called Street Gallantry created by artist John George Brown during 1880. This painting used outline, which create the shape of the boys and girl. It also used contour line to create three-dimensional makes the object more detail and real. Additionally, this painting used implied line, which is…

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