Essay about The Anti Christian Movement Of The United States

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As of late, anti-Christian sentiment has been picking up quality in the U.S., Europe and in other developed nations significantly more than non-western ones. The anti-Christian movement spread quickly among educated people amid the 1960s. Presently, after 50 years, hostile to Christian approaches are predominant in many nations around the globe and inside universal representing associations. With such a large number of cases of the orderly joining of hostile to Christian approaches, it is extremely evident that it has turned into the standard and is keeping on spreading and fortify.
The anti-Christian movement rose up out of the western enlightenment movement. The worldwide elite, adherents of the enlightenment movement, demanded that science is truth and trusted that humankind could construct an ideal world on earth by propelling science and human welfare. They began another religion called humanism, which acclaims man and his reason. Humanists trust man 's reason can supplant God 's Word, the Bible.
The global elite claim that men are conceived with regular rights and that a man 's life, freedom and property must be ensured in any condition. Therefore, an administering framework in view of securing these normal rights was produced and it has kept on creating. The idea of protecting the life, freedom and property of the rich has turned into a flat out standard. These rights have additionally been stretched out to the frail and to minority groups like children, ladies, the…

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