Essay on The And Their Influence On My Self Concept

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The confinement of this shot paper is to discuss the reflected appraisals and their influence on my self-concept. Essentially I must list five words that describe myself along with people who have been and are especially significant in my life. Once narrowing down the participants I ask them how I am perceived and what traits ties in with my personality. Once the controlled experiment is conducted the goal is to assess the results and trace how I see myself to the appraisals reflected by the controlled participants in my life.
Confidence, reliable, hardworking, intelligent, and athletic seem to be the key words that defines how I reflect upon myself. This particular assignment sparked my curiosity; I experimented with my family members and a few close friends about describing my personality in one word. Relating to the list above I was able to find five words that not only I see myself as but my family and friends see as well. Other people refer to this woman by Mrs. Biron, but I refer to her as mom. She was the first person I asked to describe my personality, she not only described it in one word but she explained her reasoning behind her perception. She spoke of a time where I was the only man in her life, I continued to nurture her and reminded her that one day we will both be successful and ambitious. She explained that my drive for success was fueled by confidence in myself in accomplishing what I set for my goals. To this very day I continue to drive myself for a…

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