The And Of The Bible Essay

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The book of Judges is cyclical in terms of what occurs throughout the narratives. To begin with, the Israelites break the covenant and they worship other gods. Yahweh then gives them over to the hands of the enemy. Yahweh in turn shows mercy on his people and raises a judge. This judge leads the Israelites out of misfortune. The cycle then starts over. Judges are often associated with a judicial system. It is important to make note that the Hebrew Bible judges are charismatic military leaders and do not make court of law decisions. In the fourth chapter of Judges, there is no direct judge but rather a link. Verses seventeen through twenty-three tell the story of Jael and Sisera. Jael is the direct link to the Israelites being led out of misfortune. As a whole, Judges has many themes and stories that are violent and sexual in nature. Jael and Sisera’s story is no exception to this.
The book of Judges covers the time after Joshua’s death and before kingship is established in Israel. The author of the book is debatable. However, scholars agree that it was written quite some time after the events actually took place. The chronological order of the narratives has been edited with the purpose of readers learning lessons from them (Newsom, 118.) The events in Judges take place during a time of great upheaval- more than likely in the eleventh century BCE. The Israelites and the Canaanites are at odds with each other. In regards to Judges 4:17-23, the events take place outside of…

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