The And Makeup Of The United States Essay

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Legs shaking, heart beating, yet it feels like my world had completely frozen. Thinking back to what my mom told me on the phone, I regretted I didn’t take every of her word from our conversion seriously. It was a summer afternoon; it felt like any other summer days. It was hot and humid from the summer heat. That day, in the morning I went to meet up with my two closest friends: Sara and Melanie. I met Sara in 6th grade and we had been friends for ten years. Sara is a unique friend. To me, she’s one of those friends that you can share everything with and I mean everything. And sometimes I share a bit too much with her. She’s very blunt and a bit too honest sometimes, but that’s what I like about her. While Melanie is another close friend as well. She’s more of the pretty one in our group. She lies fashion and makeup. A complete beauty guru. The three of us have always been together since the beginning of high school.

We decided to hang out at downtown L.A. this time. It was my turn to drive us that day since I just got my license then. Once I drove to downtown for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the crowded streets and confusing roads. “Damn, this place is freaking crowded!” I told them. Even with the whole traffic, we were all very excited. We were all laughing at each other’s jokes and sang along to the loud music. Around thirty minutes later, we finally found parking and it was only because we decided on valet parking. Upon entering the parking lot, I paid them…

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