Personal Narrative: Mary Ann's Case

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First, let me say my mother's attorney, Laird Lambert told me in June of 2014 that Mary Ann planned this lawsuit in 2011. For what reason I do not know. I know Mary Ann was angry when I took my mother here. Mary Ann would not let my mother live with her. Yet,this was my mother's house! I spoke to my mother and she told me she could not live with Mary Ann because she was afraid of her. Mary Ann's verbal abuse had gotten worse. If my mother had to stay in Rockford it was Mary Ann's choice to keep her in a nursing home. Mary Ann was not aware that a nursing home takes the patient's house once the money runs out. Mary Ann would not have had the house on Braewild if I hadn't taken my mother to live with me.

Mary Ann did not speak to my mother
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She asked me to tell her not to come. I said it was too hard to say no. I said it was for only three days anyway. When Mary Ann did come she wouldn't come into my mother's room while I cleaned and changed her diapers. I saw how my mother reacted and it was with detachment. There was still an estrangement.
My mother trusted me, she could not trust Mary Ann. I never spent my mother's money inappropriately we had a limited amount of money to live on for how many years she had with me. I had to be careful.
For the record, the plaintiff and her attorney never did forensic accounting to find out what was exactly spent. I am also well aware that the plaintiff, Mary Ann, her boyfriend, Frank Maltalbano and Judge John Young all know each other and have work together in the Rockford Court House. I definitely feel at a disadvantage in this case.
For the record, I know Mary Ann had the opportunity to take off much more time to be with her mother instead of three days. This is what she gave to a mother who had given her everything, three days!!
The day after my mother died Mary Ann hired an attorney and from the time I came back to Los Angeles Mary Ann would not accept any of my calls and I didn't know why. I do know this is about Mary Ann's greed, there is no love here. My father and mother would be devastated to hear what she is doing

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