The Anatomy Of A Business Owner Essay

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The Anatomy of a Business Owner
Inside every small business are 3 personas, each competing for time as the leader. The three personas are the technical support (workers), president (inwardly focused), and chief executive officer (outwardly focused). To succeed, a business must possess all three personas.
The technical persona is about the present and doing the work. The president persona uses the past to find trends and improve execution. The CEO persona is focused on the future and looks for ways to pivot and re-align the business so it can grow and prosper in an ever changing landscape.
For self-employed, micro, or lifestyle businesses (i.e., businesses with less than $1 million in revenue), all three personas often reside in a single person, the business owner.
To understand how the three personas work together to drive the success of a small business, let us consider what I call the Bull 's Eye Model.
The Bull 's Eye Model is made up of four subsystems: the core subsystem, support subsystem, coordination subsystem, and strategic subsystem. Naturally, there are certain tasks and personas associated with each of these subsystems. Let 's dive into each of these subsystems below.
At the center of the Bull 's Eye Model is the core subsystem. The core subsystem is comprised of tasks that relate to the actual generation of the output. Core level tasks are activities such as cooking, landscaping, and…

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