The American Health Care System Essay

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The United States has one of the worst healthcare systems of any developed nation. Also, the American health care system is deteriorating drastically. In 2008 the United States of America had the most deaths from diseases and injuries than any other country because of poor health care. Well isn’t that a stinker for us Americans. No wonder why the producer called the movie sicko. The film is very impulsive and overwhelming because many people suffer from medical conditions which aren’t being treated. The amount of money that must be spent on any injury or severe condition is outrageous. Most of these individuals that pay these medical bills are middle and lower class citizens. Hospitals are no better either in America because after the patient is suitable to leave, the nurses throw them on the street. The most alarming aspect of all of this is that these so-called health insurance groups; don’t insure their members instead they find alternatives to get out of a sticky situation. The reason for that being is because it’s too much money being taken out of their own pockets. When in the hell did Americans care so much about money than someone’s health.
Money makes the world go around and without it, a regular person can’t survive. Being healthy shouldn’t ever cost an individual a dime, but the sad case is that if you want to live in America you must spend the green. In Canada, United Arab Emirates, and Austria these countries have a free Universal health care. It’s wicked to…

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