The American Dream Is Not Much Of The Free Essay

705 Words Jul 16th, 2016 3 Pages
America is often advertised as the "Land of the Free" with "equal opportunities." However, when immigrants arrive, things do not end up in their favor. Instead, the justice system rules out the people of color and favors the White privileged and only brings complications and inconveniences to society. The American Dream is not much of a dream as it is a nightmare for many non-Caucasian individuals.

Generally, most people start at different starting points in life yet, it is often assumed that everyone starts on the same note. Due to this assumption, lots of people believe that the failures of the misfortunate are caused solely by the individuals themselves. When people come to America they believe everyone has equal opportunity because that is what is presented in propaganda in many countries as the "Land of the Free" and created an illusion that the country with money and endless fun such as places as "Las Vegas" and "Disney World." These instances o fair chances and opportunities may be true for White, Conservative men to some extent yet it still undermines the difficulties many ethnic group must face to simply find jobs. These are merely delusions created from the far perspectives of things, while in reality there is inequality everywhere. These delusions have caused many to overlook racism and other injustices imposed upon others. For instance, the man Jose couldn 't find a single job opportunity until the moment he changed his name to Joe. This…

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