Human Equality In America

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I had a hard time deciding whether I agreed or disagreed with the above quote. On one hand, yes, America has succeeded in establishing a progressive political system and envisioned a new idea of what it means to be free, but on the other hand, I feel as though that the United States has departed from the ideas of freedom, responsible government, and human equality. In the end, I decided that I disagree with the idea of America is much more of a political and moral fact. What started as the pursuit for a better world, slowly turned into a nation that has become too consumed in their pride and power, and often look past what their country was founded on.
While Americans have been labeled as the “Land of the Free,” a few of their basic rights
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One of the more notable cases of human equality is the controversial subject of gay marriage. For as long as anyone can remember, gay marriage was always looked down upon and was considered to be an act against God. Over the years, America has become more accepting of the idea, but is still making progress in today’s society, as not every state has allowed it yet. Immigrants have also faced a number of obstacles when it comes to human equality. After the 9/11 attacks in New York, I believe that America had turned their eyes towards every Muslim citizen. At border crossings and airports, one can see the racial profiling that a Muslim may be put through because their religion had been linked to terrorism after the attacks. Even to this day, Americans falsely assume that Muslims are terrorists and cannot be trusted at the borders. Another important aspect of human equality that can be analyzed is the substantial amount of people who are unable to afford healthcare, or a post-secondary education. Even those who are in the middle class have found themselves unable to support their families financially with the ridiculous prices for a good education and quality healthcare. In my opinion, these are the most important aspects of the government in which efforts should be focused. How can a government support a system that is only reachable by the small amount of the high

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