Essay The Amendment Of The Constitution

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Ratified on September 17, 1787, the United States Constitution has long been heralded as a national treasure. After gaining independence, it represented the radical ideas allowing citizens the rights they were previously denied under British rule. However, as history progressed and the diversity of the United States expanded, the Constitution required adjustments. In total, twenty-seven amendments would be added to truly ensure civil rights to all. Of all the Amendments, the Bill of Rights symbolizes the greatest personal freedoms afforded to the American people. Originally numbered at twelve in 1789, the list was finalized at ten in 1791 and follows Article VII of the Constitution. The Amendments were written by James Madison to satisfy the newly founded states, especially Massachusetts and New York, who wanted laws instituted that would protect the interests of the individual. These new laws were to directly correlate to the rights which had been unattainable as British colonies, and focus strictly on the protection of each citizen. As with any new idea, there was conflict in the adaptation of these Amendments. The Federalists and anti-Federalists disagreed on having these rights strictly defined. Federalists argued that the Bill of Rights was essentially unnecessary since the Constitution already stated that the liberty of decisions not directly outlined in the Constitution would be left to the states to decide. Government officials would have the final say of…

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