The Ama Code Of Medical Ethics Essay

1786 Words Mar 7th, 2016 null Page
Over the years, the amount of women in the medical field has increased tremendously compared to back in the days when the medical field was mainly occupied by males. For example, in 1970, only 7.6% of females were physicians in the medical field but by 2000, the percentage of women that becomes physicians increased to 24% which is a huge increase in a pretty short amount of time. Although the amount of women in the medical field has increased, the amount of gender discrimination moves such as the glass ceiling has not. However, many solutions has been suggested and a few has been implemented to change women from being treated unequally by their male counterparts to treating them as almost equal. One solution that has been implemented to address and to help reduce gender discrimination is Opinion 9.035 which is in the AMA Code of Medical Ethics. In Opinion 9.035, there are policies that should be implemented into the medical field to create equal treatment of women. The policies that are written in Opinion 9.035 is to also give women leeway and opportunities that were difficult to obtain before. One of the policies asks “physician leaders in medical schools and other medical institutions should take immediate steps increase the number of women in leadership positions as such positions become open.” ( This policy can allow women to advance much more smoothly to higher positions than before and not based on who can obtain the position based on gender but based…

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