The After Booking The Cheapest Vacation Essay

1200 Words Nov 25th, 2015 5 Pages
After booking the cheapest vacation we had ever booked it was time to go. My family and I were full of excitement crossing the Galveston Causeway, it was then we saw the cruise ship we were about to board after months of waiting. The Carnival Triumph looked massive as it was visible from miles away. The thirteen deck ship is a eight hundred nighty-three foot long. We could not wait to explore all of its wonders.
Arriving to the port there so was much commotion. People were scrambling to make sure they do not leave any luggage behind. Mothers were trying to keep their children from running away in curiosity of the ship, and others speeding as fast as they can to be first in line to board. It is hard to stay calm through all the madness and excitement. After all, most of us have been waiting for this moment for what seemed like an eternity.
After giving our passports to the Customs agents, checking in and receiving our cabin cards, we were waiting anxiously for our deck to be called so we could board. “All boarding deck eight Verandah” said the scratchy voice on the intercom. My family and I jumped out of the uncomfortable terminal chairs, grabbed our luggage and raced onto the ship. Walking up the terminal, we were greeted by Carnival staff and asked if we wanted to take a picture. In excitement we agreed. We wanted to capture every moment we could on our vacation.
Stepping foot onto the Triumph, we were all at a loss for words. Looking up and seeing all the lights, and…

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