The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Homosexual Couples Adopting

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Homosexual Couples Adopting
In modern times, many countries around the world are granting homosexuals couples the privilege and opportunity to adopt children. Although it is a legal process, it is not easily done for these same sex couples because they are certainly discriminated against. The process of adopting is strenuous for anyone, now society has made it even more difficult for homosexual couples to do so. Just like everything else in society, this has advantages and disadvantages. This very controversial matter has posed a great deal of issues in which people were once blinded by. The majority of people state that they are against homosexual couples adopting because they feel it will have a negative impact on the child. Yet, much
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Also in some cases it can be from homophobic teachers. This makes the child fear the school environment do to the fact that even the teachers themselves will not prevent the harassment. This is when people enable their personal beliefs to go against their better judgement. It would be less difficult on the child if the teacher realized that hatred against another’s life will do no good. A great number of children of lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender parents (LGBT) have been reported to be mistreated in the school environment. Rebecca Adams and James Persinger have taken time to take a look at how the family as a whole is affected in these situations. What they found was that, “Many LGBT parents and their children report feeling neglected, excluded, and mistreated by other members of their school communities (Adams. Persinger 2008). The family is forced to create a closer bond do to the fact that they are all facing the stress of society together. Although they are close from the beginning, schools present an unwelcoming atmosphere for these families. It is not a torment only from the students, but rather than the whole school …show more content…
Research has surely stated that they are just as capable as any other human being on this earth. Many people have misinterpretations of what it all means for these people who like the same sex. It is not only a lifestyle they choose, rather than feel they need to acquire. These homosexual couples can not be cured with any treatment or religion as it has been said. This is not an “act for attention” like those opposed to their lifestyle say they it is. The homosexual couples allow others to know simply because they are tired of hiding or feeling alone. An awareness needs to set forth for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and bisexual couples who feel they deserve children. Everyone has the right to raise a family without feeling unwelcomed by

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