Argumentative Essay On Homosexual Couples Adoption

Homosexual Couples Adopting
In modern times, many countries around the world are granting homosexuals couples the privilege and opportunity to adopt children. Although it is a legal process, it is not easily done for these same sex couples because they are certainly discriminated against. The process of adopting is strenuous for anyone, now society has made it even more difficult for homosexual couples to do so. Just like everything else in society, this has advantages and disadvantages. This very controversial matter has posed a great deal of issues in which people were once blinded by. The majority of people state that they are against homosexual couples adopting because they feel it will have a negative impact on the child. Yet, much
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Questions are consistently presented towards these homosexual marriages because generally they are thought of as unsuitable for having a family and well rounded home. Often times people assume marriage is strictly between man and woman. The couple has to be in love and maintain a true relationship with one another. As mentioned in an article published by the Cornell University Law School, marriage has four basic elements: (1) the parties’ legal ability to marry each other, (2) mutual consent of the parties, (3) a marriage contract as required by law, and (4) must be between a couple of the opposite sex (Cornell). This is a common interpretation of how people define marriage. In earlier decades, certain requirements and expectations were placed on marriages. The wife had certain obligations such as maintaining the upkeeping of the home, carrying out sexual relations with her husband, and caring for the children. A husband was responsible for providing a safe home for the family, paying for the necessities in the home, and providing food and clothing. Today, the underlying concept of the marriage contract still remains, but do to a changing society, the legal agreements are no longer the

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