Laws Against Same Sex Adoption

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Imagine a family. Do you see the stereotypical family, with a mother and father and two perfect children? Or did you see a same-sex couple raising a child? Society and religion have put views on how a family is supposed to look, but should a family have to be the “perfect family” as society and religion wants? The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community tries to avoid adoption because there are many restrictions in some places, but years are going by and many adoption agencies are allowing and even encouraging fostering and adoption by same-sex parents. Some countries have moved forward from the “perfect family” belief and are giving adoption rights to same sex couples. Some countries do not have the same view, that the LGBT …show more content…
These laws are discriminating against the LGBT community just because they do not understand their sexual orientation. People who are against the adoption of children by gay people are not thinking about the positive effects it could have on the children. It opens up many possibilities for the child. The child whom is adopted will be wanted and shown love instead of living in a foster home. For a little girl who was abused by a man, it would be better for her to be adopted by a same-sex couple instead of a man and women. It’s better for her to be slowly introduced to men and shown that not all of them are going to hurt her. Children like her benefit from same-sex, some even more then her. A fact is same-sex relationships are proven to be more stable then Hetrosexual couples. The percentage of hetrosexual couples divorce is 2% while samesex is 1%. By having a more stable relationship in the parents, they can parent the child better then a hetrosexual couple. The couple will work as a team more than two separate people. Children are grown into a home where being raised by a gay couple is normal while on the outside it could be seem different, this could affect how the child sees something different in a “normal society”, they would more likely be open minded to the situation. a same-sex couple will be prepared for a child coming in their lives, it is not a surprise for couples out in the world. The couple will most likely be financially stable, opening more opportunities for the child. The sexual orientation does not decide how well a person can parent a child, it is the person inside. “Children need the best home possible, and what matters the most is not some’s sexual orientation but their ability to love and provide for children in need.” said Edward Timpson who grew up in the adoption world, many similar to Edward Timpson are in the same boat. Same-sex couples are more opt to adopt children that are

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