The Adoption Of Distance Education Essay

709 Words Sep 29th, 2014 3 Pages
Considering the advancement of education and the continuing evolvement of online learning, I think the adoption of distance technologies is inevitable. I base this on a comparison to the adoption of distance education by higher education institutions in the 70s and 80s when there were really no regulations and anybody 's sister and brother was establishing distance learning entities. However, today, the cost factor is really ruling how schools will operate 10 to 20 years from now; although I do not totally agree with totally online learning for K-6. I feel blended learning is a better approach for reasons other than necessity by state and federal policy makers – socialization, personalities, etc. However, because virtual schools are strictly monitored and required to adhere to many state and federal guidelines to ensure student learning, if we could develop effective standards that will ensure learning, education would produce citizens more prepared for the work force. I also believe the focus should be on the original purpose of distance education, which was a means to open access to learning for all. The impact of technology has been a means to enhance or enrich the learning experience. With that said, virtual schools are just a continuation or expansion of distance learning. It is now focused on a new group of learners – K-12, whereas it began with adult learners. DE has garnered more government and political support, much needed, and the concept of…

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