Essay on The Accidental Tourist By Anne Taylor

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The Accidental Tourist is a novel written by Anne Taylor originally published in 1985. She has thirteen novels published so far, and over fifty short stories written. The Accidental Tourist introduces us to main protagonist, Macon Leary, and the life changes he goes through after a “divorce”. Macon is married to Sarah for about twenty years, until she decides to end the relationship and separate. However, the divorce papers are not signed, so it was more of a mini separation. In the beginning of the book, it mentions that their son Ethan happens to die in a burger restaurant at camp, leaving his dog Edward in Macon’s possession. His death triggers the novel’s initial conflict and affects both parents individually, where Sarah feels as if Macon is not the same anymore. After Sarah decides to leave their apartment, Macon begins to feel extremely lonely and decides to seclude himself at his family’s house. His experiences loneliness and feels as if his life is disorganized. This introduces us to Macon’s family including his sister Rose, as well as his two brothers, Charles and Porter. Macon actually happens to work at his friend’s Julian’s company where he travels to different cities and writes guidebooks for people “to pretend they had never left home.” When Macon is set to fly out for his trip, he leaves Edward in an animal hotel with a woman named Muriel. After he returns, Muriel becomes the dog trainer, which leads to the two of them dating. Macon finally starts to move on,…

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