The Abolition Of Slavery And The United States Essay

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Main Question - The “profound” changes in the constitution that came about through the civil war as the three amendments passed around the rifts in the nation, the thirteenth fourteenth and fifteenth amendment. These amendments brought massive change through the introduction of Abolition of slavery, addition of equal protection under the law, and voting equality thus removing race discrimination while putting in some restrictions such as poll taxes and literacy tests. The abolition of slavery in the United States and any place subject to its jurisdiction was the greatest change within the constitution of the three amendments that came about through the civil war as it fundamentally changed one of the issue most contested policies that had been in debate since the founding of the nation. The policy was ratified in the confederation despite it being very much against what they believed in as in order to regain federal representation and rejoin the union. The fourteenth amendment introduced its two policies of citizenship and due process to further equality in citizenship by allowing those born into the country to be citizens including former slaves and gave all of these citizens equal legal protection. This protection came in the form of furthering the bill of rights to states in addition to due process in courts. The fifteenth amendment was rather important to the slaves who were freed by the thirteenth amendment and given citizenship by the fourteenth amendment as it…

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