The 7S Analysis: Business Analysis Of An ABB Organization

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The 7S analysis is providing the overview of the new ABB organisational structure and the tool can be applied in regard to have more effective teams in their organisation. All the areas should share the goals and the values. By establishing this analysis within the company, the ABB can achieve ultimate state for each factor and can move their staff and services forward into the customer centric approach. The model helps to understand the organisational structure and implement the proposed strategy the best. (newSTR_91 @, n.d.)
3.2. CRM
Relationship Quality = with each customer define the quality of the relationship to find out the level of commitment and trust. Therefore, they will be able to define the “group/house”.
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Doing the 7C’s analysis of 7P’s, we looked on the customer point of view. We identified different part of Marketing Mix to compare them with the customers’ needs and wishes. The model showed us that ABB, as we mentioned above, provides rich scale of services which are clearly able to satisfy customer and their needs. Even those one, which they didn’t think about.
3.5. VRIO model and VPC
With VRIO model we found out that ABB is the company which offers a lot of products, however, in this case, we are working only within the limited area of services, where they unfortunately don’t hold any extraordinary advantage. The only possible area, where ABB can win, is the knowledge, which was gathered during the last 125 years. However, this knowledge might be applicable only for their own products, and because of their high prices, not every customer is willing to pay for them. In this situation, we speak about “unused competitive advantage”, because there is a potential and premise for success, but it is being shut down by
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ABB’s VP is creating a unique value with the service, where the customers are willing to choose the ABB over their competitors.
3.6. Other recommendations
ABB’s mission and vision strongly relies on acquiring a broader expansion on the number of customer serviced. Activity based costing analysis could easily give a clearer overview regarding the current trade value between ABB and their customers. Along with converting the remaining customers into one who receive on-time maintenance, a special attention should be aimed to the existing ones. Since acquiring new customers involves big resources and time, it is much effective to focus and develop retention strategies that could keep company’s savings.
3. Concluding the project report
The conclusion is based on our problem formulation from the introductory part of the report. The purpose is to provide summary and outcome to ABB company. To complete the conclusion, we will answer the main question which is

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