Thanksgiving Essay

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Acosta 1
Mickey Acosta
Dr. Lisa William-White
English 1A

“Communication to Life”

In these three stories Liked for Myself by Maya Angelou, The Day Language Came into My Life by Helen Keller, and Mother Tongue by Amy Tan, tell of the similar difficulties these women faced when it came to communicating with the people around them. Angelou was a young girl when she found herself unable to speak out loud unto her peers, similar for Keller as she was blind and deaf by an illness at an early age, and Tan was ashamed of her “broken” English that was spoken amongst her family. These three women each faced challenges in their lives, which gave them the confidence to communicate with the world around them, even though these women
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Flowers. The day Angelou helped Mrs. Flowers carry the groceries to Mrs. Flowers’s house was the day that changed her life. She wrote in her story, "Your grandmother says you read a lot. Every chance you get. That's good, but not good enough. Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with the shades of deeper meaning," (par. 12). This is the line Mrs. Flowers said to her that helped changed her life. Mrs. Flowers also read from a book
Acosta 3 called A Tale of Two Cities, which influenced Angelou to read out loud because of how enchanting Mrs. Flower’s read it. This helped build Angelou’s confidence to communicate with the world again. Similarly, Keller had help communicate with her peers by learning that everything is a word and that the words have a meaning. It took Keller some time to understand that, but when she overcame her challenge she felt so pleased. As for Tan, it was her mother that helped inspire her to gain pride of her back round. She made her writing styles easier to read for people who do not understand English well. Angelou’s challenge was due to the fact that she was raped. It was her challenge to overcome her quite lifestyle. The reason she overcame her challenge was because of Mrs. Flowers. Mrs. Flowers is a local black woman who Angelou highly looks up to. However, Keller’s challenges were caused by an illness at an early age of her

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