Texting While Driving Essay

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Cell Phone Alert

What in the world would people do without their cell phones? These handy little devices have proven to be incredibly useful time and time again. Need to make a phone call while already out? Break out that cell phone and call whomever is needed; it is just that easy. Need to get a message to someone but not in a position to talk? Send a text message and get things squared away in just a few seconds. Nowadays, cell phones even come with all kinds of games and other fun applications that help to relieve boredom and occupy the time of the beholders. This is great and all, but what happens when these individuals are abusing these phones and using them while they are driving? Sending text messages distracts the drivers
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If almost one-fifth of the nation has come to the realization, then it is almost assured that this is but the first stepping stone towards a more safe future. More than that, it means that more and more people are truly understanding that texting while driving is in fact a distraction, and is right to be banned! If this pandemic is not controlled quickly, the accident and death rate will continue to rise steadily as texting becomes more popular and newer generations begin driving. With the age of technology, younger generations are using cell phones at younger and younger ages. These generations are taking those phone using habits on the road with them as they learn to drive, and are helping create unsafe roads for themselves and others. This must be stopped! The thing is, the problem doesn't simply involve texting. It's more than that, whether drivers want to admit it or not. Texting diverts a persons eyes and distracts them through ocular means; however, using a phones basic call function is just as distracting. Many people will argue that they prefer to make phone calls while driving in place of texting, defending that it is much less distracting and allows them to drive more safely. While this is, perhaps, partially true, it is overwhelmingly more accurate to say placing phone calls while driving is still quite distracting. In an interview by Ryan Holeywell of Peter Kissing, Peter, president and CEO of AAA's Foundation for Traffic Safety said, “The best estimate

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