Tesla Motors: SWOT Analysis: Tesla '

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Tesla Motors: SWOT Analysis
Tesla Motors designs, develops, manufactures and sells high performance fully electric vehicles, advanced electric vehicle, powertrain components and stationary energy storage systems.
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Innovative technology/great design- strong technology background of electric transmissions 2. Brand image 3. in store customer experience by operations of own stores/distribution centers 4. expansion of charging stations throughout the world 5. Product: Exclusive EV manufacturer, fastest and most energy efficient car in the market 6. Positive strategic partnerships with most suppliers 7. Strong leadership and good management | Weakness 1. Scale of operations, no economies of scale, high costs (especially battery costs, R&D costs ) 2. Dependent on continuing innovation 3. Production delays, small quantity and choices of cars and expensive cars with high battery costs 4. Increasing competition with more players in industry 5. Weak financial profile with continuing losses 6. Still new and young player in the market and not that much advertised compared to other cars …show more content…
Spends more money on R&D. lower economies of scale as compared to competitors | Y | Y | N | 1.Valuable and rare -more competitive advantage due to strong R&D- strong innovation and automation2.Many competitors entering the industry and are investing in R&D and not hard to imitate | Strength, not sustained advantage: Strong R&D provides greater competitive advantage by means of greater innovation but may not be sustainable due to increasing competition and investment of R&D expenditure by competitors. | Human resource development | Strong management team. Dependent on strong talented, engineers and technicians for manufacture, sales and marketing | Y | N | N | 1. Valuable since the company needs highly talented engineers and technicians for selling its products and interfacing with customers. 2.It is not rare and not hard to imitate since it is easier for its competitors to employ highly talented people by giving an attractive salary package compared to Tesla | Parity: since the competitors can any time employ and draw Tesla employees to their companies by attractive salary package

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