Tesla Company Case Study

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As we known, analysis from previous cases, Tesla is a company which have no marketing budget, no advertising and no ad agency company. However, Model 3 is facing to mass market different with the other luxury car in Tesla Company. It is reasonable and affordable because the high positioning of the brand. The media cost will be cover Internet, social media marketing and Television. In the description as below is the estimate budges of these marketing communication for Model 3 promoting. The cost of official Tesla webpage is free since it is belonging to Tesla Company. So, we will not count the website promoting cost in our marketing budget. Youtube pop up advertising is paid by per view. The average cost per view is between £0.07 - £0.22. The average is £0.145. (Pennapowerscom,2012) And Youtube can automatically target viewers by age, gender, location or what types of video you have watched on Youtube. According to the statistics, we can easily have found the population of UK is …show more content…
For the 13 weeks, the cost going to be £390,000. (R stewart, 2017) The same as in ITV, a 30-second ad during the peak time in weekend at night will be average cost like £20,000. As we will broadcast the Tesla ad for twice a week, 13 weeks. The total cost in ITV will be £520,000. (R stewart, 2017) All in all, the total cost of media will be £3,377,000. Due to the unique marketing model for Tesla company, there was no marketing budget for this company in the last ten years. In this situation, there is no comparison data to guide the Model 3 marketing budget. But in the terms of the total asset of Tesla in 2016 is 16 billion Pounds. (Nasdaq.com. 2017) Through this data, Model 3 marketing budget is £3,377,000, it is calculated that the promote Model 3 is using 0.19% of total asset of the company. It is reasonable marketing budget for this

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