Terminator 2 Judgement Day

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Technology provides us with a means to do a task faster, better, or more efficient than we could do by ourselves. In many ways, technology is more powerful than us. Computers are able to find solutions to equations that would take humans lifetimes to solve. Nuclear bombs are able to cause orders of magnitude more damage than humans alone could. And with every technology we make, we control it to an extent. We can control what a computer calculates and when to launch a nuclear bomb, but accidents happen. Numerous times in history, countries have almost fired nuclear bombs in response to incorrect signals that nuclear bombs were being used on them, and because of the immense power of nuclear bombs, we give up some of our control of them.
In the
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On page 325, that author brings up the example of a particular scene in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. In the scene, a scientist destroys a technologically groundbreaking microchip because it will eventually cause the destruction of man. The microchip had to be destroyed because the technology, like Frankenstein, couldn’t be controlled, and whether the same fate will happen to autonomous drones is not known, it would be best to keep a close eye on it and give it a tight leash to prevent it from being …show more content…
The author states that the hand is “the connection between the brain and the environment” (p. 326). In that sense, hands are also the way that we change the environment. Hands are able to take our thoughts and, with the help of tools, make changes to our surroundings. Machines and robots lack their own thoughts. They cannot have a connection between their brain and the environment because they don’t have their own mind. They are a tool used by humans to change their environments, and as such, the robot’s hands are just an empty vessel and not a link between the mind and the world as it is in

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