Is Google Making Us Stupid Essays

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In the article “is Google Making Us Stupid” the main point the author Nicholas Car is trying to make is that as the interenet becomes our primary source of information and it is beginning to affect our ability to read books and other long pieces. Even though this process may offer knowledge effeicieny it flattens our brains learning experience in the process. The first thing Carr does is share a problem with audience about how he cant focus on reading . Carr goes on to give a very well researched account of how text on the interent is supposed to make the browsing experience fast and profitable. He descrbes how the internet is set up to make browsing experience fast and profitable. He described how the is set up to make other people money and how critical thinking skills and attention spans are degrading in the process. He wraps up his argument by desrbing what we are losing in the shift towards using the interent as our main information source. He talks about the new idea of considering the mind as a computer feels bad for the loss of deep reading and the intellectual stimulation it provides four our brain.
Carr starts the article with a quote from 2001: A Space Odyssey. He explains the quote, talking about how the human is rewiring the computer, but then he parallels that with how computers have rewired his brain. I didn’t know who Nicholas Carr was, so I researched him. He is a highly respected author who has written for the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal,…

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