Template Phd Degree Concept Paper

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NCU Template PhD Degree concept paper (2013) is a milestone document that was pre-formatted to conform to the Northcentral University and academic communities’ standards for research writing. Researchers are required to strictly follow this document while their concept paper and they must address all steps in this milestone document during research process (Concept paper 2013). The concept paper also, provide guideline which if followed meticulously, will addresses some important steps like purpose of the study, research questions, research design, data collection and data analysis, as such the concept paper proposal will have more chances of approval (Concept paper, 2013). Moreover, Best practices (2013) further explain how to navigate the concept paper while addressing qualitative, quantitative or mixed research studies for optimum results. The document also addresses some differences between quantitative research and qualitative research and how to address each utilizing concept paper (Best practices, 2013). Some major similarities and differences addressed in the document are in the areas of Problem statement; Purpose of the study; Research questions; Research method/Research design; Data collection and Data analysis, etc. These approaches will be addressed further to compare and contrast the expectations outlined in the concept paper milestone document that researcher are required to follow step-by-step.
Problem Statement
Problem statement is brief declarations…

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