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Telling Tales: how to sell an electric car in a petrol market
The story of the G-Wiz

Keith Johnston, October 2011

Table of Contents

Gentlemen, start your motors P2 October 2011 P4 How it all started P5 A new approach to car retailing P9 Right people, right places P13 A remarkable community P16 Spreading the word P17 The power of storytelling P25 Accolades P28 Introducing the concept of Verbal Identity P31 Taking the high – and highly visible – ground P34 Polarising opinion P36 The bully in the playground P38 What the media said P42 G-Wiz customers have their say P50 The future P54 Appendix: A brief history of electric vehicles P57 The truth about electric vehicles: - The emissions debate P60 -Why we need electric vehicles P62
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Gentlemen, start your motors
This is a tale about how to sell an electric car in a petrol market. It is the story of how a privately funded London start-up, sparked a motoring revolution. GoinGreen took a small, slow, Indian-made electric car and transformed it into the UK’s best selling, and then one of the world’s most famous and best selling EVs (electric vehicles). Like the first mobile phone or computer, the G-Wiz blazed a trail for electric vehicles. It became a London icon and for a few years made London the EV capital of Europe, helping to kick start the global market for electric vehicles. The CEO of BMW has spoken publicly about building a G-Wiz competitor and the likes of Tesla, Nissan, Peugeot, Citroen and Mitsubishi have all done so, all of them superior products and all of them available for sale today. But whatever your view of the G-Wiz - as quirky, charming and cute, or ugly, basic and crude - today, in the Autumn of 2011, approximately half of the passenger electric vehicles on the road in the UK are G-Wiz. The G-Wiz has appeared in movies and on TV, in current affairs programmes, dramas and comedy sketches, in countless news reports in more than 50 countries and in textbooks on climate, transport and energy. In a four year period from 2004 to 2007, GoinGreen’s efforts were recognised with more than 2

two dozen accolades starting with Business of the Year at the T Mobile Startups Awards. Distributors in more than twenty countries

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