Television As A Successful Hit Show Essay

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Recent years have seen television rise up to the level and status of film, paralleling the increasing popularity of streaming platforms and websites as well. TV is no longer the younger kid sibling of cinema, but instead has come to the forefront as a key player in the entertainment industry. Where movies may have large budgets and what seems like an unlimited supply of resources, television must be creative in this department. Cue in what media expert Jason Mittell regards to as the “special effects” of TV, the narrative complexity. Show creators must equip themselves with an arsenal of tools to differentiate themselves from the next program and capture the attention of their audiences (Mittell, 2015). While, content will continually remain an important aspect for any show, viewers now also want something more. They want to be amazed, confused, utterly and completely wrapped up in the storyline…but how is this achieved? Mittell would argue that a show must rely on operational aesthetics to stay relevant and ultimately become a successful hit show. (Mittell, 2015) A number of top programs throughout TV history have upheld this theory, and even more contemporary shows can give it credit, including the brainchild of creative geniuses Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, Sherlock. This BBC One network original has captivated the hearts and minds of people across the globe, in 224 countries to be exact, and the projection is that its popularity will continue to grow (Barret, 2014). So…

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