Cinematic Techniques In The Truman Show

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The film “Truman Show” reveals theme and tone by lighting, cinematography, and editing, and by the use of sound. By using lightning, cinematography and editing, the theme of this film - facing with fear can lead to the discovery of realization - and the bewildering tone is achieved. With the use of sound, the meaning of this theme is further achieved, and the audience questions the “realism” of the story. As the story develops in this film, it becomes obvious to the audience that Truman is on a 24/7 reality TV show. This can be seen by the fact that the main character is situated in one town, which makes the film unrealistic, and his change of clothes reveals his abnormal life. In fact, cinematography is effectively used in this movie to further achieve the theme. Long shot, high angle shot, camera movement- pan and tilt is sed effectively to show the town where Truman lives.
Long shot is used to show Truman’s humble situation. The a high angle shot, where the camera looks down, is used in this movie to emphasize Truman’s weakness and submissive feelings that his life is being controlled by the director, which in fact is showing an unrealistic side of
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Crosscutting, parallel editing, and zoom are the two techniques that are most effectively used in this film to achieve the theme and the tone. Crosscutting shows different actions of the character occurring at the same time and the same location. In fact, there is a shot where crosscutting is used, when Truman says: “Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!” (Truman Show, Jim Carrey). Additionally, parallel editing shows the same actions of the character, occurring at a different time and a different location. Parallel editing is used to allow the audience to know the fact that his life is a planned reality TV show, which his “father” and the workers in the studio make the unrealistic reality

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