Telenursing: Health Care and Nurse Essay

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Telenursing: The Future of Medicine
Krystle Gonzales
College of Nursing NR 305
Health Assessment
Professor Sherer

Telenursing Telenursing is a new technology used to deliver nursing services to patients where the patient and the nurse communicate directly through audios or videos. It was developed in the 1970’s to curb the professional nurse shortage. Telenursing seeks to monitor a patient while at home, therefore preventing admission and readmission of a patient in a health facility. The telehealth equipment used to monitor the patient give out the patient health progress thus determining the status of their health. Telenursing has helped patients get the love and care they require from their family members,
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Another disadvantage that patients experience is the breakdown of the machine. The machine at some point could fail leading to unplugging then plugging afterwards. This could delay an issue that need to be addressed. It could also lead to timewasting since the nurse has to sit back and wait. The machine can also show images that are not clear leading to the misinterpretation of the nurse’s judgment on the patient. Telenursing also requires the use of internet connection that could not be available to the rural areas minimizing the use of the services to these places. Also, disasters like war could cause disruption on the internet services leading to lack of communication between the patient and the nurses. A workable internet service provider and intact telecommunication services are required at both ends. Telecommunications fail when there is any significant disruption on services, power, or trained people to initiate a telemedicine request (Merrell, Cone & Rafiq, 2008). The machine could also at some point give false positive alerts since it is not a hundred percent efficient. If such occurs, a nurse could conclude that their patient is getting better. The nurse’s conclusion could lead to misdiagnosis of patient’s condition. There could also be an increased workload on the part of the nurse. Collection and analyzing of the patient's data could take a

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