Teen Pregnancy In The United States

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Teen pregnancy

The United States has the highest teen pregnancy and birth rates of comparable countries. “Approximately 750,000 American teens get pregnant every single year resulting in approximately 400,000 teen births.”Teen pregnancy ranges from the ages of thirteen through nineteen years of age with different ethnicities and backgrounds. It has become an ongoing issue in society; it has become extremely common for teens to get pregnant in high school as well as in middle school. Working for the Women’s, Infant Care program I noticed different patterns in ages in teenage pregnancy. I will be explaining what pregnant teen’s private troubles and definition of their situations are. Also as well as how society has created its own public issues. First of all private troubles are define within the character of the individual, problem within oneself or others. Many teenagers will contain themselves in denial of being pregnant and will continue to live life as if they weren’t and go into a shock. When they noticed their body changing which results in realizing the responsibilities that are waiting for them. The role of being a mother and a role of wanting to continue to be a teenager is another ongoing struggle many fight against. I noticed that most of the teenagers that I encounter would still be in transitioning of the hormones from being a
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I was able to observed teen moms while working at the Women’s, Infant care program regarding what pregnant teenagers go through. I emphasized teen pregnancy personal troubles for example how they didn’t receive the right attention from parents. Also the definition of the situation, and how they should act them or how society expected them to act. And lastly with the numbers of teen pregnancies so high all over the states how it was identified as a public issue not a personal

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