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Teenage Alcoholism By Austin J. Russell December 14, 2011 Teenage drinking. What is it about drinking that teenagers find so attractive? Social influences? Confidence? Respect from others? The focus of this article is on why the highest percentage of alcohol drinkers is young people and teenagers like me and the reasons behind that percentage. Statistics show that the highest percentage of alcoholics, at least in the United States lies in the younger population. This figure is 31.5%

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Survey results also disclosed that parents and/or school courses usually educate the young people too late. Juniors and seniors in High School have already had, or experimented with their first drink. Possibly educating children earlier might have a more positive effect on whether the teenagers would succumb to temptation or decide that they should wait until they are older to consume alcohol.

The following chart, (http://norml.org) is an example of findings as far as teenagers and what is called “binge drinking”, meaning to have 5 or more drinks in a two week period. The chart depicts 8th, 10th and 12th graders specifically. From the chart, you can see that 8th grade binge drinking has decrease in the years since 1991, at 10.9%, spiking in 1996 to 13.3%, decreasing in later years, with 2010 being at 7.2%. 10th grade drinkers have also showed a decrease in the amount of binge drinkers, with 1991 starting at 21%, increasing in 1996 to 22.8%, and as of 2010 decreasing to 16.3%. As
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