Teen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Teen pregnancy impacts society tremendously, from education to healthcare, more than 3 million pregnancies a year are unplanned thus leaving this problem to effect more than merely teenage mothers and their babies. The United States takes a lead in teenage pregnancies and birth rates leaving each person at some point in their life to feel the effects of teen pregnancy. There’s been ineffective attempts to reduce teen sex and pregnancy by programs promoting abstinence and sex education. “What Every Parent Should Know about Teen Pregnancy” explains the parent’s role of being proactive in reducing this problem and increasing parental awareness.
With this in mind, the article addresses the problem of teens in the United States having sex at a younger age, with even more partners than previous years, and less likely to practice safe sex. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “Teen pregnancy prevention is one of CDC’s top six priorities, a “winnable battle” in public health, and of paramount importance to health and quality of life for our youth. Evidence-based teen pregnancy prevention programs typically address specific protective factors on the basis of knowledge, skills, beliefs, or attitudes related to teen pregnancy.” In today’s society teen pregnancy is not only a strain on society, it’s also a popular part of pop culture and this leaves an added dilemma of decreasing the excitement and interest young girls have of being a part of this “Teen…

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