Teen Pregnancy And Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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It is important for young girls to have somewhere to go with much support and guidance as they need when faced with the struggle of becoming teenage mother. The United States today has the highest rate for teen pregnancy compared to any other nation alone. Along with many other consequences for teen parents, there are many other effects associated with teen pregnancy as well. Adolescent pregnancy and childbearing have become a national problem, most teen mothers when they realize they are pregnant, do not know what to do or where they will be able to go. Pregnant teens are less likely to complete high school and attend college than teenagers who avoid pregnancy.
Becoming pregnant as a teen and becoming a teen parent limits a teenager’s opportunities for a higher degree of education and any kind of god paying job. Many teen parents need to accept welfare to support themselves and their children because they do not have a high school degree or GED limiting themselves from getting a well-paying job. “Only 64 percent of teen moms graduate from high school or earn a GED within two years after they would have graduated compared with 94 percent of teenage girls who do not give birth” (“Adolescent Pregnancy”). Because most pregnant teen mothers do not finish high school they have a lack of education which increases the risk of them going on welfare. “Almost 80 percent of teen moms eventually go on welfare, and 55 percent of all mothers on welfare were teenagers at the time their…

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