Teen Pregnancy : A Social Problem? Essay example

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Pregnancy: a social problem? Or an everyday thing

I have chosen to explore the effects of teen pregnancy among males. Society doesn’t understand how these boys feel when they find out that their girlfriend is pregnant. Some just don’t want to the responsibility, others step up to the plate and take care of their responsibilities Guys are even affected more by teen pregnancy than girls due to the financial and social issues that they have to deal with when having a kid at a young age Such as not being able to live the life that these guys want and having to give up friends as a result. My purpose for writing this paper is to address the cause and effect of teen pregnancy.
Another effect is socially they are not going to be involved with their friends as much because now they have another life to take care of now it’s not about going to parties. It’s about trying to see if they are going to get some sleep because the baby was crying all night long and they got little to no sleep. It’s like they have to make adjustments in order to be there for their kids now it’s not about them anymore it’s about how will they be able to keep up with a social life and take care of the baby at the same time .
Another effect is that when the guy actually finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant is the money problems that he would have to face because now it is not about him and his girlfriend. Now it’s about how are they going to provide for themselves and the baby. Now, the guy would have…

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