Technology 's Effect On Child Development Essay

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Technology’s Effect on Child Development:
Inside and Outside of the Classroom
The use of technology is ever growing in the world we live in today. Jobs are increasingly using technology, as well as education system. Technology is being integrated into classrooms and this is changing the way children are learning and developing. Technology is developing a strong effect on children, both inside and outside of the classroom.
Technology has been making its way into classrooms for last five to 10 years. Within education, technology is being used through standardized tests, digital lessons, and communication between teachers, students and parents. While this could be beneficial, technology could negatively be effecting children socially and academically. Many are concerned that there is less face-to-face interaction therefore children are not learning how to communicate in person as well as past generations. Others are concerned that the use of technology is taking the place of necessary skills such as writing in cursive or reading a map. Technology is connected to almost every aspect of a child developing life. Children are exposed to technology through cellphones, computers, blended learning, online assessment tests, and communication between peers. With technology recently growing, there isn’t as much numerical data on how technology is effecting children’s learning.
Technology Expanding in the Classroom
Not that long ago, education was pretty straight forward.…

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