Essay on Technology : Changing The Way Things Are Done

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Technology: Changing the Way Things are Done
Hopefully no one can deny that technology and the internet are becoming a big part in people’s lives. Even if you don’t use them as much as other people I’m sure you still notice that it has changed how you do some tasks. Whether it be using social media or using the internet for research or business, technology probably shows up more in your day than it did a few years ago. Technology and the internet are not just changing one thing or a few things, it can now be used to “accomplish” almost everything. This generations over use of technology is changing the way children, teenagers and even adults learn, retain and use new information and skills.
Author James Paul Gee disscusses about how video games can be used as a more effective teaching method than current in class methods in his paper “Games, Not Schools, Are teaching Kids to Think”. He explains that video games teach you to problem solve and adapt to changing situations and not to just memorize what the next step is. Nicholas Carr, author of Is Google Making us Stupid, presents his idea on how the internet and technology are changing the way people learn and retain information presented. He believe that people can no longer stay focus on lengthy articles because they have adapted to the skimming method that the internet makes prominent. “Study: Emerging Technology Has Positive Impact in Classroom”, an article published on, written by Ryan Lytle, introduced…

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