Technology Changing The Way Things Are Done Analysis

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Technology: Changing the Way Things are Done
Hopefully no one can deny that technology and the internet are becoming a big part in people’s lives. Even if you don’t use them as much as other people I’m sure you still notice that it has changed how you do some tasks. Whether it be using social media or using the internet for research or business, technology probably shows up more in your day than it did a few years ago. Technology and the internet are not just changing one thing or a few things, it can now be used to “accomplish” almost everything. This generations over use of technology is changing the way children, teenagers and even adults learn, retain and use new information and skills.
Author James Paul Gee disscusses about how video games
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New technology is created every day to save lives in the medical field, technology is often used for convenient communication, it allows fast research, and is used in many other daily tasks. James Paul Gee’s paper on the other hand talks about how the introduction of technology and the internet could be a good thing, he gives his ideas on the basis of education. Gee talks about using video games as an effective teaching method. He gives his thoughts on this by saying that video games teach kids to actually try to problem solve and work their way through constantly changing levels that increase in difficulty and not just learning to memorize what the next step will be. He believes that children are learning more through video games and not lectures because video games allow them to explore an exciting virtual world where they don’t feel like they are learning. He states that “The phenomenon of the videogame as an agent of mental training is largely unstudied; more often, games are denigrated for being violent or they’re just plain ignored.” Video games are teaching kids but I Feel as though they aren’t being utilized in the proper way. Maybe Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty aren’t the right games to be teaching our children but there are plenty of games that require logic and movement that could be beneficial to the children’s learning. If game consoles like Wii or Xbox Kinetic, with games that required problem solving and motion, were introduced into the classroom we would see an even greater positive effect on children’s learning with technology and motivation levels. Ryan Lytle, Dr. Ram Singh, and Dr. Barbara Means all discuss how technology is changing the way things are done in relation to a classroom. They, like Gee, see positive effects in using technology as a teaching method. Some of their reasoning were that they have seem increased motivation,

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