Importance Of My Personal Lesson Plan

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My lesson plan supports individual learning needs because I give all the children a chance to create, explore and manipulate all different types of materials. By doing this I can be sure to help each one build up on their needs and weaknesses. Plus, while I am doing this I can see what changes need to be made to my curriculum, environment and with my community. In my center, we provide high quality care to all children of all different races, colors and ethnicity. There are so many things to engage their curiosity and meet their physical and emotional needs. In order for us to meet the needs of the children we are constantly doing professional training and development because things are always changing. The children’s learning is enhanced when school, families and communities all come together and work together.
In my center I am very flexible and creative with my children, so they can be active learners. If we do an experiment and we have enough materials left over the children get to do it again. Also, if a child is having difficulty with what we are working on we do it over so they get the satisfaction they are looking for. We all love
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Even though these devices are in their homes doesn’t mean that the children know how to use them. We as educators need to embrace the idea of technology in the classroom because it is not going away. This being said, having a computer in the classroom the children seem to become engaged and they begin to take control of their own learning. When we balance out technology with, art, music and outdoor play and other interactive experiences, technology can be a valuable part of their childhood experience. We can’t ignore that this generation has technology all around them and we need to foster the learning so they can develop the skills they need to use these

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