Essay about Technology Taking Over Society : Technology

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Technology Taking Over Society Have you ever wonder what this world has come to in the form of technology and communication? Just sit and think what ways does technology play in communication? In today’s society technology plays a major role in communication. Technology comes in all different forms not just phones. Whatever happen to the good old landline? What about only being able to send email through computer? Well, texting that never existed 20 years ago, if you needed to get ahold of someone you either called or paged the person trying to be contacted. You will see later why and how technology has took over our society. In today’s society everything is done through sometime of technology and is no longer done the basic way. First of all, they are many type of different cell phones. You got cellphones raising from basic flip phones, yes they still exist, to more advance smart phones. Some different model of smart phones are your iphones, galaxy, and blackberry. There are thousands of phone to choose from those are just a few to name. Pretty much all smart phones do the same. They can all call, text, and email. Each year new phones come out, with new technical feature, which allow some advancement of those feature. For instance, with the smart phones you can’t just simply pick up the phone now to call them, there are many different option. One of those options are FaceTime. What is FaceTime you may ask, FaceTime is where you call someone over wifi or…

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