Technology, Social Networks, And Customer Service Essay

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Technology, Social Networks, and Customer Service Fieldglass and Microsoft Outlook are our blood sources when it comes to technology at TAPFIN. Our Senior Program Manager for Abbott, Molly, works from home all the time and so we are constantly having video conferences via Google Video and sending emails through Microsoft Outlook. Another software we use with suppliers and hiring managers is Cisco WebEx, especially when we are introducing them to Fieldglass and the flow to the program. It is the one tool that is globally available to our stakeholders and works fantastically. TAPFIN is very much above the standard as far as keeping up with technology and making sure we as analysts are equipped with the proper tools to communicate, because we already have to deal with time constraints and language barriers with much of our audience, so it is paramount we have the best hard and software at our disposal. Social networking is what led me to leave the job. Two coworkers of mine, Melissa and Gloria, are the seniors of the bunch in the Waukegan office working over twelve years at TAPFIN. They told me that they filed a claim against Mike and five others in the office because there was a strong sense of favoritism and cronyism due to the six staff members attending the same church. Mike and Nichole, my boss and a manager, conducted interviews to hire the other four people in the office, which may not be illegal, but it sure is unethical. That claim went nowhere. To this day, those…

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