Technology On Children 's Socialization Essay

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Technology on children’s socialization
Cellular devices are a form of technology most familiar with everyone. They allow parents to contact their children in cases of emergency, and also allow people to see one another over long distances by facetime. However, the benefits to cellular devices, do not outweigh the harms. Instead of playing outside with their friends, children are more inclined to spend time on their cellular devices. There are hundreds of different types of cell phones. Most people have smartphones which have internet access and touch screens. These phones are very addictive to children. It causes them to have less physical and social contact with the outside world. They will text during class, during exams, and even while driving, which is absolutely absurd and dangerous. Instead of talking to someone directly, children will use their cell phones to call or text. This causes children to become less social and their willingness to have a conversation in “real life” declines. On cellphones, children can access social media sites, play online games, and video chat; this causes harm to them and to their socialization skills.
Facetime is an advanced form of video chat which can be accessed by cellular devices. All iphones and many other smartphones contain this app. It allows long distance relatives to see their family members, but children can overuse this ability. They can spend hours on a video chat with their friends, instead of going to their friends house…

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