Technology Makes Our Lives Easier But Hurts The Environment Essay

1504 Words Dec 9th, 2015 7 Pages
Technology makes our lives easier but hurts the environment. When innovators create technology, many people use these products, which negatively impacts society. When people use more electricity than they need to, the vast amount of electricity being used affects the pollution and the environment, like when a computer is on for too long, it can burn out or slow down, which is expensive to fix. Old technologies have been hurting the environment. We use so much technology; it has negatively impacted the quality of water and air. Also, we use so much technology that has impacted climate change. However, there have been some shifts in technological innovations towards creating eco-friendly technology that will help the environment. Instead of wasting resources, the eco-friendly technology is renewable and would positively impact the globe. One of the eco-friendly innovations has helped the environment like solar panels.
Through out this paper, I will talk about how solar panels affect the society and the environment. Solar panels are technology that conducts electricity from the sun. They are made out of silicon because silicon is “known as a semi-conductor” (How Do Solar Cells Work?). Silicon has a strong material for solar panels to conduct electricity. In the picture on the above, it shows how the radiation from the sun sends it’s heat to solar panels and the heat will transform into energy to conduct electricity. Once “the generation exceeds the demand, the energy is stored”…

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